Required Documents

You are kindly advised to check the list of required documents before submitting your application. This will minimize the chances of your application being delayed or declined due to inadequate or incorrect submission of documents.

You will need to prepare a separate application pack of supporting documents and Visa Application Form for each applicant (e.g. in case parents travel along with their children, confirmation of accommodation has to be given separately for every application pack).

For the attention of applicants submitting in Greece Visa center in Moscow:

Please look through the following Memo which will help you to prepare necessary documents for submission.

Submission of visa application and collection of passports can be done by the applicant in person in case of individual applications or by the accredited Travel Agents in case of group. Submission through notary authority letter is not allowed.

Collection of passports can be done through representative. Kindly check here for the procedure. For families, at least one member should visit the VAC (original of supporting document of relationship proof is a must).

Please, consult the following links for more info on the above subjects.

In addition to the list of documents photocopies of Travel document required (only pages containing any information, visas, stamps, even if it's not visible well).

Important note: Pursuant to the Visa Code Article 12, it is also a requirement that the travel document is valid for at least three months after the intended date of departure from the Schengen area, and that it has been issued in the past ten years. In case of a new Travel document, photocopies of old Travel document are required (first page and visas for the last 3 years).

Important Note for Regions applying at the Visa Centers under the Jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Greece in Moscow: Consent of the parental authority or legal guardian DULY NOTARIZED should be required if the minor travels with both parents/legal guardians or alone or only with one parent/legal guardian. Exceptions should be made to this if the single parent with whom the minor is to travel holds the parental authority alone (i.e. in cases where the other parent has deceased or been deprived of custody, e.g. a death certificate of the other parent or a court degree vesting custody exclusively in the parent who is signing the application would be requested).  – In case applicants are applying for a multiple entry visa for the minor, please note that the date/ period of permit specified in the consent form must be for the entire period and not just for the first entry. Hence the total period of visa specified in the application form must match with the period specified in the consent form. In case period on the consent form is less than the period in the application form, then the visa period validity will be limited to the period indicated in the consent form.  

Important notice:

  1. As per the Belarusian Law on Personal Data Protection, all Applicants who are applying themselves or through a Representative need to ensure that the consent form is signed by each individual and submitted along with their application. To download the consent form please click here.
  2. Kindly be informed about all the common terms and conditions of the public offer agreement on the provision of services at the Visa Application Center by clicking here.